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Rebuild all/empty all filtered decks (enhanced fork) [Official thread]

If you have a problem with the add-on rebuild all/empty all filtered decks (enhanced fork) post in this thread. This way I get notified. If you make a new thread I will likely miss it.


When trying to “rebuild all” I get a pop-up that says “can’t modify this deck.” and an endless “processing…” bar. I am running Anki 2.1.33. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your hard work.



Thanks for reporting this issue.

I need more details. Can you share the following info: in the main window click on help->About. in the window that opens click the button “copy debug info” and paste what’s in your clipboard.

I think you might have one of the following add-ons installed: “Hoarders Delight” or “Slackers delight”. If you disable these and restart Anki: Does the problem still occur?


Thanks for the quick response. I did have “Slackers delight” installed which seemed to be causing the issue. Thank you for your help.

I’m happy to reinstall the add-on and try to replicate the issue if the info will be helpful to you.

@jrholbro: I just uploaded a new version to ankiweb that should work with slacker’s delight. Could you update your add-ons and restart. If the problem persists of if you run into other problems let me know.

Confirmed that it does work with Slacker’s Delight. Thank you for the useful add-on and update!