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Quick note and deck buttons (Fork for 2.1) [Official thread]

If you have a problem with the add-on Quick note and deck buttons (Fork for 2.1) post in this thread. This way I get notified. If you make a new thread I will likely miss it. If you post your comment, question or bug report on ankiweb as a review I won’t get notified. You really should post in this thread.

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I am facing an issue with displaying the config file of this add-on in my add-on-browser.

I already reinstalled the add-on. The file “” is present in the add-on-folder but it is not being displayed in the add-on-browser. The button “Config” is greyed out.

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I don’t fully understand your post.

To make sure we use the same terms:

In the Anki main window there’s a menu bar named “Tools” and in it there’s an option “Add-ons”. When you click it a new dialog opens titled “Add-ons” (add-on dialog). This dialog shows list of all your add-ons installed.

After installing the add-on with the number “1331140127” there should be an entry “Quick note and deck buttons (Fork for 2.1)”.

Question 1: Do you see this? When you double click this entry does another window open? When you select this entry can you click “Config”?

In this additional config window for one add-on you’ll see your config on the left (which is stored in two different files in your add-on folder named config.json and meta.json). On the right you see the contents of a (if present).

Question 2: From the main window click on Help->About. In the window that opens click the “Copy Debug Info” Button and share the copied text.

Question 3: If you are not on the latest Anki version 2.1.26 update and try again. Also disable all other add-ons and restart to rule out an interference. Does this help? My add-on should work on older versions but I only care about the Anki version I use (which is 2.1.26 at the moment).

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Hi, i want set 4 buttons, can u help me?

your screenshot is too small and doesn’t show your whole config. So I can’t help.

Go to line 40 of your config. There’s an error.


general remarks: Your config must be a valid “json” file. So you could google “syntax json” or something for a short introduction which will help will all add-ons in the future. There are also websites where you can paste your json code which highlight invalid parts which makes it easier to fix it.

In general:

  1. Closely look how it’s done in the default config
  2. Usually all settings must be surrounded with "" (quote signs). There are some exceptions: The boolean values true/false (lowercase) and numbers. But a few add-ons have counterexceptions where you must also quote numbers. But then rule 1 helps.
  3. json holds key-value pairs that can be nested. As values you can also have list and other key-value pairs. In general at the end of each pair you must have a comma. Exception: Trailing commas are not allowed.
  4. all opening square bracket [ and curly braces { must have a closing counterpart ] or }.
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