AnkiCollab [Official Support]

This is the official support thread for my add-on AnkiCollab (1957538407). (unable to post links)

If you encounter any issues, please post them here or on discord, as I will not regularly check the AnkiWeb listing.

Apologies for the name. I hadn’t realized it was already taken till I was about to publish it, but since the original hasn’t been touched in 4 years, I hope the other author doesn’t care.

I also plan on making a proper FAQ and “Getting Started” Guide some time soon with @andre_angelo

The project is still pretty new, there is tons of stuff I haven’t considered, but I had to start somewhere and hopefully it can be useful to somebody one day.

Looking forward to hearing any kind of feedback (positive or negative)


Is there a way to have multiple maintainers for the same deck as opposed to 1 lead maintainer and multiple subscribers?

not right now, but it is on my todo list and will be added this week.

Multiple Maintainers are now supported. :slight_smile: @fgv432

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