“Qt5Cored.dll is missing” i can not launch Anki,help please

Have tried restarting the computer and installing the latest version of anki

I don’t think this is Anki’s fault, after a quick search for the term Qt5Cored.dll is missing I found (amongst others) this video showing how to fix it. This should also work for Anki.

Qt5Core.dll should be bundled with Anki. Don’t you have it in the installation folder? Maybe try uninstalling Anki completely and reinstalling it.

@Nici downloading DLL files from these DLL download sites is not usually the best solution (they could be incompatible, for example)


@abdo ah thanks for mentioning that, this really was the first thing that i got after a quick search and I assumed OP has already tried reinstalling Anki

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That’s a strange error, as Anki does not usually use that file. Please try removing your “c:\program files\anki” then installing again, and make sure no antivirus/other software is interfering.

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