Unable to open Anki. (System Error)

Whenever I try to open the anki app on my pc I get a system error. This error is “The code execution cannot proceed because Qt6WebEngineCore.dll” was not found. Reinstalling the program may fixt his problem. I’ve reinstalled the program numerous times and it still hasn’t worked. When installing the program I also see the program add the “Qt6WebEngineCore.dll” when downloading. No clue what’s going on.

The Qt6WebEngineCore.dll should come pre-installed with Anki.

  • Maybe try to install and run Anki from the root of the drive, e.g. C:\Anki.

  • Maybe restart your PC.

  • Maybe try to install the latest Qt5 version of Anki (instead of Qt6).

  • Maybe check & install any Windows updates (if there’re any).

  • Maybe run Anki from Python - https://faqs.ankiweb.net/running-from-python.html

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