QtWebEngineProcess.exe - Application Error

After installing the latest version (2.1.54), I get one or more pop-ups: “QtWebEngineProcess.exe - Application Error. The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application.” I can’t get much of anything to work, although I can close Anki just fine.

I started with the shift key. I disabled add-ons (AnkiConnect, AwesomeTTS, and Japanese Example Sentence), but I get the same pop-up.

I installed previous versions, and found that 2.1.49 works, and has QtWebEngineProcess.exe in the Anki folder (AwesomeTTS doesn’t work on this version). Installing the newer versions on top of 2.1.49 wipe out the Qt file, copying the Qt file into newer version folder doesn’t work, and blindly copying everything (without overwriting) makes it so Anki won’t start at all.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

This error means a Qt’s library is missing. Do you get it with both Qt5 and Qt6?

Qt5 won’t even run for me. I verified that I can still run Qt6 (and get the error and almost no functionality - no access to decks or notes, although I can see add-ons, for example) and I can run with 2.1.49 (although AwesomeTTS doesn’t work, which was a big part of the notes I was creating).

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Please try removing your \program files\anki folder, the installing the Qt5 version again. Does it still not load? If so, what does it say?

That worked!

Thank you so much!