Installation issue

Ive been trying to download anki on my laptop but it just wouldn’t work.
I tried downloading both the qt6 and qt5 versions thinking it might make a difference but it still gets stuck here while downloading and gives me an error about that last extraction.
I’ve tried googling that file thing “qt5webenginecore” but to no avail.
Any kind of help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

There’s no visible error message on the screenshot. Maybe restart your PC and try to install Anki again.

The content of the .exe file (everything except $PLUGINSDIR) can also be extracted using 7-Zip. But in this case, the .apkg or .colpkg file extensions won’t be automatically registered to open with Anki by default and no shortcuts will be created, e.g. to start Anki from Desktop.


Which Windows version are you running?

Windows 10

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