Problems with starting ANKI

I just downloaded the latest update, ANKI version 2.1.44 and my computer is Windows 10 with 64bit. However, now I am unable to start ANKI application, nothing happens when I try to run it. I searched online and realised I could start it while holding down the shift key, BUT it says “Shift key held down. Skipped automatic syncing and add-on loading”, and my ANKI is like the default mode - my add ons don’t work. (e.g. Large and Colourful Buttons addon) so it just looks like default ANKI without any add ons. Another problem is that when I close this app, it does not sync automatically like before.

What do I do to start my ANKI normally again, with the addons working? Thanks a bunch.

I have found the solution!

For me, the solution was really easy - just delete the extra add-ons you do not need. I don’t know which was the add-on that was causing a problem, but after clearing my excess add-ons that I don’t require, leaving only those I know I use, I could start ANKI with ease and with the rest of my add ons working.

I have a hunch that the problem was with this add-on that said (requires <2.1.4 ANKI version) so maybe keep a lookout for any add-ons that may be uncompatible with your version of ANKI. Or just go Marie-Kondo and delete those you don’t need!