Issue on starting Anki

I just opened Anki and have been faced with this error which just repeats over and over again until Anki eventually crashes:

An error occurred. Please start Anki while holding down the shift key, which will temporarily disable the add-ons you have installed. 
If the issue only occurs when add-ons are enabled, please use the Tools>Add-ons menu item to disable some add-ons and restart Anki, repeat until you discover the add-on that is causing the problem. 
When you've discovered the add-on that is causing the problem, please report the issue on the add-ons section of our support site. 
Debug info:
Anki 2.1.49 (dc80804a) Python 3.8.6 Qt 5.14.2 PyQt 5.14.2
Platform: Windows 10
Flags: frz=True ao=True sv=2
Add-ons, last update check: 2023-01-15 10:32:18

WARNING:tornado.access:404 GET /srs-check ( 0.00ms

Any ideas? It was working fine this morning. Thank you.

The WARNING:tornado.access:404 GET /srs-check ( 0.00ms at the bottom of the output makes me think this is plugin-related. What happens if you start Anki while holding down the shift key? Does it work then?

If it still has a problem when starting with the shift key, you might try uninstalling and reinstalling to ensure none of the app’s files are corrupted.

Failing that, go to Start button → Run in Windows, then type cmd.exe. If you don’t have a Run option you can probably just type cmd.exe and press enter. When a console window appears, type:

cd \program files\anki & anki-console

And provide the output here.

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