Error opening anki web

hi there, i cant open anki web since yesterday, but ive used it for a few months and never had a problem so far. now the programm is stuck in an eternal “überprüfung läuft” meaning “examination is running”, and it never stops. I let it work for a few hours yesterday but no change, also restarting the computer and opening the program always leads to the same banner. In the background a window pops up the the new update, but i cant chose anything or click on a button, not even close the window.
I have a windows 10 pro, if that info helps.

What can I do??

thank youu! I really hope the cards arent gone , sweating

Here is the solution:

Your cards are safe, don’t worry :wink:

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the option with the shift key doesnt work.
for installing the new version do i have to delete the old one? because the update wont work. im sorry if I misread your answer.

thank you!

Holding down the shift key should disable add-ons and automatic syncing, then you can click on the update screen to download the latest version.
A message saying Shift key was held down. Skipping automatic syncing and add-on loading should be shown to you when starting Anki while holding shift.

Alternatively, you can just download the latest version from
You don’t have to uninstall the old version first.

@Stella might or not might want to remain on the old version (because of add-on compatibility issues), so shift-starting and pressing “Dieses Update ignorieren” would be the only option for that.

Have you pressed Shift the whole time while opening Anki? It should work…

Yes, now it did. Don’t know why it didn’t work earlier. Thank you both.
Does that mean you’d suggest not to install the new update (yet) due to some issues?

Personally, I would only update if your add-ons are still compatible with the newest version (if you even use add-ons!). Only you can check this. I don’t know even know which version you are on :wink:

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