Anki wants me to Update but won't stop syncing so I can't open it

I am using Anki on a Windows 10 laptop. I don’t use it on any other device. If I try to open Anki using the desktop App I get an Update message, But I can’t click on anything in this message, because simultaneously a Syncing message appears, and endless syncing starts, so that effectively Anki is frozen. The only way I can escape is to restart the computer. I have had the syncing problem for a while, and have been working around it by holding down the Shift key while opening the app. But this workaround no longer works.
I am not very tech savvy, so would be grateful for an easily understood solution. Thank you.

you could try download the latest version (2.1.44), stable version (2.1.40) or any older version ( * Older versions and checksums) on the to work around this issue, the installer will delete your current version (maintaining your addons,decks, profile) and install a new one


Thank you. I will try that.

Thank you again. I followed your suggestion, and Anki opened perfectly, without my having to hold down the shift key. Fingers crossed this continues! I am most grateful.

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