Anki on desktop windows 10 is not opening up

When i press on the anki on desktop, all that comes up is the "syncing…0.4kb up. 0.2kb down. Also another window says “Anki updated Anki 2.1.35 has been released. would you like to download it now.” And I cant press on the yes or no button because the mouse has a loading sign on it.


I have the same issue !

It looks like Anki is waiting for to chose if we want to download the new version, but we can’t select because the Anki “synchronization” window is blocking the “new version window”.

As you can see here :

I found a solution by the time : Start Anki without any internet connection. That way, it is neither offering the update, neither doing the synchronization. You can still use Anki :wink:


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Another solution:



To solve the issue, I took the following steps:

  1. I used Windows Task Manager to close the anki.exe processes (you can restart the PC instead)
  2. I manually downloaded anki.2.1.35-windows.exe installer from ankiweb
  3. I installed the new version
  4. I opened Anki - it started up normally!