Error starting Anki

Since some month ago i can’t start Anki again. Today i tryed it again: I deinstalled Anki installed the newest Version “anki-2.1.46-windows.exe” but the error havn’t gone. I tried all the hints given here: When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions (

To start by pressing the shift Key doesn’t help.

the errors are the following:

thank you for your help

Maybe you are not holding shift long enough? I do not think you would get that error if add-ons had been disabled.

Ah ok, thank you very much. It worked, when i pressed shift much much longer. :slight_smile:
And now: how can I fix the problem? All the add-ons are updated now. But how can I find out wich of them makes the error? When I start Anki without shift it makes the error again.
(I have to say that on a desk top PC Anki work perfectli but on the Notebook it doesn’t. Both with Windows 10.)
Thank you.

It’s probably caused by the FEN Chess Visualizer 2.1 add-on (no longer being updated). Try disabling it. If that doesn’t fix the issue, you have to disable your add-ons one by one until you find the one causing it.

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Thank you. It was the ‘JS Loader For PGN Chess IS Booster’.
I’m wondering why Anki works on the other Computer with it. Ok problem solved hope that I didn’t use it for my flash cards.
Thank you very much!