Prioritize one subdeck

Is there a way to prioritize cards of one subdeck ?

I’d like that when I use the deck “Japonais”, it shows me cards in the subdeck “Vocabulaire N5” first until the limit and cards of the other subdecks only if there are no more card in the first subdeck.

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Maybe try opening the “deck options” of the parent deck and set them like this:

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Where do you find these options ? I don’t find them…
I have version 2.1.49

Try going to the main window, then click on the gear icon next to the deck name

If you still do not find them, please post a screenshot of what you see after clicking on that icon

I have these options

Apparently this is a V3 scheduler-only feature. If you want to activate it:
Go to the preferences > scheduling > enable V3 scheduler (beta)

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Thank you very much. It works fine !
By the way, do you have an idea when this schedulder V3 will come to AnkiDroid ?

See the reply of one of the developers here: Support for v3 scheduler · Issue #10411 · ankidroid/Anki-Android · GitHub

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