[Feature Request] Option for new card gather order that prioritizes subdecks closer to top, but gathers cards randomly from each subdeck

Currently, Anki has only one new card gather option which allows the user to prioritize subdecks that are closer to the top.

This option (Deck) gathers cards from each subdeck are gathered in ascending position. However, I would like it to gather cards from each subdeck randomly (still picking up cards from the highest subdeck first) because this would be more optimal for learning.

Kindly consider adding such an option.

You can select all your new cards in Card browser and select Reposition - Randomise order. Then, you need not worry with the ascending order.

I know that I can do this. But, there is a problem. I create new cards every day. So, I would have to do this every day.

I am looking for a way to avoid doing this every day.

You can set New cards in random order in the deck settings. Then, newly added cards are randomised too.

This still has a problem. When you have a large number of new cards and you do some of them, the new cards that you will subsequently create will statistically have a higher chance of being given a smaller position.

There is a reason why Anki suggests that with V3 scheduler, it is best to set the new card order to be in order of creation and to adjust the card gather order instead.

What is your opinion regarding this feature request?

I haven’t seen a large demand for it at this time I’m afraid.