Prioritize new cards in a deck?

I am new to Anki and can’t find the answer to the following problem:

I am working on a rather large deck and sometimes I think of new cards to add.

How do I make sure that these cards are shown to me immediately and not at the very end of the deck? They thematically fit the current patch of cards and sometimes I need a specific fact memorized right away rather than at any time.

Thank you very much for helping me out!

Tools > preference:

Main screen (Decks screen): go to the end of your deck and press the configuration icon > Options:
New Cards > Order:

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Thank you for your reply!

So I choose “show new cards in order added” and it will alway put all of my new cards in the “new cards” stack for the day and all the others in the usual order? Because I would not like the other cards to be in a random order.

If therew would be a way to manually prioritize cardst hat would be fine too because I won’t add that many to the preexisting deck.

There is this add-on that gives priority in some cards

Maybe the simplest way you can accomplish that is to create your new cards in a new subdeck.

Then you can do that subdeck first, or just move it to the upper area of your subdeck structure.


Instead of Show new cards after reviews, you should choose Show new cards before reviews.

But reading the other comments, I guess I didn’t fully understand your question…

Is that the way Anki does that? Always finishes the upper most subdeck and then the next? That sounds like the easiest way!

Yes, that’s how it works with the current scheduler (for new cards) :slight_smile:

Superb, that’s what I’ll do! I’m sure there are other way to achieve this but that’s precisely what I want. Thanks everyone, you’ve been a great help!

The new v3 scheduler will allow still more options, but still doesn’t allow what you want (show first the last cards you’ve created).

It’s a good feature request.

Not all the new cards i want to be shown right away, but definetely most of them. Im always rescheduling

It is a good feature request indeed! has it been suggested already to v3 schedule??