Can I show the newly created cards first? (the order between new, unseen cards)

I would like to get newly created cards as fast as possible.

Currently, on the “New Cards” tab on the Deck option, there are only two options on the “Insertion Order” - “Random” and “Sequential (oldest cards first)”.

I want the “newest cards first” option, but there is not. I’m fine with getting into the database and tweaking it a bit, but if it is not possible to change it on the interface and the developer has no willingness to add it, how can I change it?

This does not mean that I want the new cards to be shown before reviewing, but the latest cards among “new cards in waiting” to be shown as fast as possible.

Set the insertion order to ‘sequential’ and the new card gather order to ‘descending position’. For more information, look at the tooltips next to each setting. Things may be a bit different if you’re on an older release.

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You’ll need to have the v3 scheduler enabled to access that option: The 2021 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

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I enabled the v3 scheduler but the dropdown option still has only two - random and sequential with oldest being the first.

As I said, you should set the “new card gather order”. It’s placed in the “Display Order” section.


I tried this with a few days, but this always shows the cards that were added the first, not last…

Please attach a screenshot of your settings.