How to see new cards which are recently created?


How to see new cards which are recently created?
I only see option: Show new cards in order added OR in random order.
Is it possible to see new cards which are recently created first?

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The standard study mode does not offer this, but you can accomplish it by creating a custom study deck, then modifying the options to sort in that order.

If you are apprehensive about Custom deck, follow this simple and reliable process:

  1. Add a sub-deck “New-Recent”.
  2. In the Browse screen, find all new cards: Deck name is:new .
  3. Sort the new cards by the column “Created”.
  4. Select 20 of the most recent cards.
  5. Move them to the sub-deck.
  6. Preview them – to make sure the card design is OK.
  7. Pause for 10 - 20 min, and preview again – trying to memorize them.
  8. If you forget too many of them, repeat step-7.
  9. Pause for 10-20m and Study them. .

Hello, has there been a fix for this by now? Given that there is already an option to have new cards appear in the order they were added, it seems like it should be very easy to just offer the reverse of that, i.e. have the most recently added cards show first? The manual workaround suggested here seems to be quite a roundabout way of achieving this. Thank you!!

New cards can be ordered by descending position.

Thank you! I think I’ve found it now, I had the old scheduler on, now I’ve switched to v3 and selected “Descending position” in Display Order/New card gather order - will report back, may take a while since I typically use Ankidroid and I think that doesn’t support the new scheduler yet! Thank you!

The alpha builds of AnkiDroid do support the v3 scheduler.