V3 Scheduler Card Gather Order


I’m using a main deck with a large number of subdecks. I’m periodically unsuspending new cards in each of these subdecks but would like to study all of the subdecks. I understand that the V2 scheduler without addons would pull new cards by subdeck order then due #. Addons allowed for pulling randomly from subdecks but this was not directly implemented in V2.

I’m trying to use the V3 scheduler to get around this, because from what I’ve read it has the capability, but I’m having issues even after reading the documentation regarding new cards and display order.

Here are my current settings:

My understanding is that this combination of insertion order and new card gather order should proceed as such: Go to the first deck with new cards, grab lowest due #, go to the second deck with new cards, grab lowest due#…for all decks with new cards. Then return to the first deck with new cards, grab new lowest due #, go to second deck with new cards… Repeat this process until my new card/day limit is reached.

Is this correct? Or, alternatively, how do I set v3 up so that my new cards/day are all selected randomly from the subdecks of my main deck when I study that main deck?

Thank You,

P.S. I’m also having an issue where I can no longer increase the current new card/day limit using custom study. It allows me to click the option and then ok, but it will not let me study new cards. Oddly enough these new cards will show up on ankidroid, which I know is using the V2 scheduler.

The gather order should be Deck if you want Anki to gather cards from each deck in turn, instead of gathering by global card position. In the v3 scheduler your daily review limits affect how many new cards will be shown, so increasing the new card limit by itself in custom study may not be sufficient.