V3 scheduler order isn’t sequential

There is a book "4000 Essential English Words "( vk. com/wall-81558344_4712), anki deck ankiweb. net /shared/info/1104981491 and I would like to study words consequentially like in the book.

For example
MAIN DECK 4000 Essential English Words (2nd Edition)

  • Book 1 SUBDECK
    • Unit 01 - SUBSUBDECK
    • Unit 02 - SUBSUBDECK
    • Unit 03 - SUBSUBDECK
  • Book 2 SUBDECK
    • Unit 01 - SUBSUBDECK
    • Unit 02 - SUBSUBDECK
    • Unit 03 - SUBSUBDECK

The v2 scheduler fetches new cards in deck order, gathering ALL new cards from Book 1 :: Unit 01 and when new cards are finished the scheduler goes to Book 1 :: Unit 2 …
New cards in v3 are pulled from subdecks of deck you study gathering cards from Book 1 :: Unit 01, then Book 2 :: Unit 01 , then Book 3 :: Unit 01 - it’s awful - it’s not normal when you want learning sequently

Does The v3 scheduler allow to setup behave like v2 ?
How to setup the v3 scheduler like v2 for gathering new cards?

I have tried all settings
Setting “New card gather order” to “Ascending position” and Deck or “New card sort order” to “Order gathered”


Or do this for each subdeck you don’t want cards from:

it’s not the same like in v2 scheduler

If it’s not a bug - Why the developers don’t merge old features in new v3? It’s useful to have more features in gathering order.
If it’s a bug - I think they know what to do after reading this post
Actually, It’s so sad

I think Anki on macos 13 is buggy gathering new cards

New card gather order > Deck should work exactly as you describe.

Have you tried? If so, could you descriobe what you expected and what you got with more detail?

Yes, I have tried setting: New card gather order > Deck

  • MainDeck
  • Book 1 SUBDECK
    • Unit 01 - SUBSUBDECK
      • 1-01-01 card
      • 1-01-02 card
      • 1-01-03 card
      • 1-01-04 card
    • Unit 02 - SUBSUBDECK
      • 1-02-01 card
      • 1-02-02 card
      • 1-02-03 card
      • 1-02-04 card
    • Unit 03 - SUBSUBDECK
  • Book 2 SUBDECK
    • Unit 01 - SUBSUBDECK
      • 2-01-01 card
      • 2-01-02 card
      • 2-01-03 card
      • 2-01-04 card

New cards/day - 2
I click learn MainDeck

I expect to get a behaviour like in v2:
today cards: 1-01-01 , 1-01-02
tomorrow cards: 1-01-03, 1-01-04
next day cards: 1-02-01, 1-02-02
…: 1-02-03, 1-02-04

but I am getting following in v3 ( “New card gather order” to “Ascending position” and Deck):
today cards: 1-01-01 , 1-01-02
tomorrow cards: 2-01-01, 2-01-02
next day cards: 1-01-03, 1-01-04
…: 2-01-03, 2-01-04

In the evening I want to check on Anki Windows10

I have cheched on windows 10 - the same issue

To reproduce the problem you can create decks(main, subdeck1, subdeck2) and then add cards(card11,card12,card13,card14,card21,card22,card23):

Settings for all cards:
- 2new cards,
- New card gather order: Deck
- New card sort order: Order gathered


  • subdeck1
    • card11
    • card12
    • card13
    • card14
  • subdeck2
    • card21
    • card22
    • card23

in V3 mode:
today shows new cards : card11,card12
tomorrow: card21,card21 - it’s wrong, because it should shows card13,card14

In this last example, what happens if you choose 4 new cards and click on the main deck? Are you using the same deck option preset for all decks/ subdecks? Are these sibling cards?

If I set 4 new cards
today shows : card11, card12, card13, card14
tomorrow: card21, card22,card23,card24

The problem manifests itself when number of new cards is less then number of cards in subDecks.
It’s gathering new card from another subdecks, altgough threre are new cards in the toppest subdeck ready for learning -

I think it’s wrong - not like in v2 mode

I’ve tried to reproduce the problem you describe, but I’m getting the expected results:
Today: card11, card 12
Tomorrow: card 13, card 14

Are you sure that you’re using the same preset for all decks? From the main screen, do you see new cards available for subdeck1 when you’re experiencing the problem?

A screenshot of your deck options could be useful. Also, Did you try without addons?

I have made a screen record

All addons are disabled

I read it when-problems-occur

Thanks, now I think I understand, in fact I had exactly the same problem:

The problem, as you see, is that you’ve increased the limits of the main deck, but subdeck1 is still applying its limit. Yes, I also find this behavior a little bit counterintuitive.

Anyway, does this explain the issue?

Ps: as a workaround, increasing the new cards a day (today only) from subdeck1 to 4, should work as you expect.

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I thinks you are right but why do developers do nothing?

You are asking “why doesn’t Anki increase the limit on subdecks when I tell it to increase the limit on the parent deck?”, and the answer is because then users who only want to adjust the parent limit will no longer be able to.

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