Doubt about scheduler v3

Hi! This post is a question/suggestion about the anki scheduler.

I’ve been using anki 2.1.35 desktop + ankiweb during a year for doing my japanese studies. My deck config would be:

    1. Main deck (Limit: 20 new/day)
      – 1.1 Created by me (Limit: 20 new/day)
      – 1.2 Tango N5 (Limit: 20 new/day)
      – 1.3 Tango N4 (Limit: 20 new/day)
      – 1.4 Tango N3 (Limit: 20 new/day)
      – 1.5 Tango N2 (Limit: 20 new/day)

My way of working with this config is:

  • Always study clicking the main deck.

What is spected to happen with this config:

  • I study all the reviews I have ordered in all the subdecks.
  • When I have to study new cards, Anki 2.1.35 first check the 1.1 deck looking for news, then 1.2, then 1.3…
  • With that order, I’m able to study japanese in an ordered way (the bigger N number, the lower japanese level)

Will I have problems with this way of doing things with the v3 scheduler?

If I will have them (because the New #number due of those cards are a bit random), I would love to suggest to have an option of “study child decks in alphabetical order” or something.

Thanks for reading!

In the V3 scheduler, setting the New card gather order option to Deck (which is the default) should result in the same behavior.