Anki V2.1 Scheduler - Stop Randomising Sub Decks

Hi guys, I have just updated my Anki apps on my phone and iPad to the V2.1 scheduler.

I noticed that when I click on my parent deck and start doing cards, the cards in my sub decks are getting randomised (not being shown in the order of the sub decks).

Is there a way for me to stop having the sub decks randomised and review them in the order of the sub decks like I have been in the previous versions of the scheduler?

Thank you

Easily doable with the last version of the scheduler (v3)

(not sure about v2.1, sorry)


To enable the v3 scheduler, please see The 2021 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you. How do I do this on the iPad? I can’t find this setting

v3 can be enabled from the gear/cog in the top right of the deck list, then review>scheduling

The deck options screen can be viewed from the study screen, by tapping the gear/cog in the bottom right, and then “study options”.

Sorry I can’t seem to find the study options button. Could you please tell me what I should do? I’ve clicked through all the options

Thank you

Once you’ve turned on v3 in the review>scheduling section, return to the deck list, tap on a deck to reveal the study screen, and then tap on the gear/cog in the bottom right. You should then see “study options”.