Predictive conversion on Mac does not input to Anki

Hello. I am Japanese.
MacBook Air M2 2022, Mac OS uses Sonoma ver14.2.1.
Anki uses the software Anki for macOS 12+ (Apple Silicon, 23.12.1 Qt6).
I would like to make a word card using the most basic [Front] and [Back], but there is one problem.
When I type in a word, I think a predictive conversion will appear, but even if I press the space key and select the word I want to type, I can’t actually type it. I don’t have this problem with Safari, Microsoft Word, or Facebook, so I think it’s an error in the Anki application, but what should I do?

MacBook Air M2 2022で、Mac OSはSonoma ver14.2.1を使っています。
Ankiでは、Anki for macOS 12+ (Apple Silicon, 23.12.1 Qt6)のソフトを使っています。

A fix will hopefully be in the next release. For now, if you downloading the -qt5 version of Anki, it should fix the problem.

I hope so Tank you.

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