Having issues with Japanese input source on macOS (adding cards, at least)

I’ve experienced this issue with Anki 2.1.50 and 2.1.51 on macOS 12.3.1. When I attempt to add a card, I can type text into a field with the US input source, but if I switch to Japanese, it glitches out and does not put any text into the input field. The suggestion box appears at the bottom-left corner of the screen, but even selecting a suggestion from there does not fill in any text in the input field. I’m able to clear up the problem if I click the Type selection button and select another card type, but I have to do that each time I open the Add dialog.


Ah, ok, so it is a known issue. Thank you! I was excited to download the Apple silicon version and didn’t read into the details enough. Apologies :slight_smile:

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