MacOS app bugs on 2.1.50 and 2.1.51

I just wanted to report the 2 following bugs which are preventing me to upgrade and make MacOS Anki app totally unusable:

  • Can’t type Japanese → whenever I change my keyboard to Japanese input, I type and text doesn’t show up.
  • Edit card screen opens a new window instead of a tab when in full screen → this is a changed behavior on the new version, which makes things complicated as I like to run Anki in full-screen with a browser on the side, and I copy paste stuff from my browser into the cards. If the edit screen goes to a new window, I have to continuously go back and forth between the browser and the edit screen.

Thanks in advance and sorry if you were already aware of these bugs. If you need any extra information please let me know!

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I can confirm that Japanese and Korean input is not working on Mac Anki 2.1.50 qt6 ARM. It’s not working on both the web note editor and the browser search field. Copy paste works.

It works fine on 2.1.50 qt5 however, so it may be a Qt bug.

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