Japanese Predictive Candidates not functioning (Mac, 23.10))

I updated to 23.10 this morning and am running into a problem with predictive candidates when making new notes. This issue isn’t showing up on any other apps on my Mac, and I tried restarting and running anki with no addons to no avail.

When entering text, the hiragana are live-converted to kanji. Pressing space brings up the predictive candidates window, but I cannot select candidates from the list either through using space and enter or the cursor.

Not sure if this screenshot is helpful, but it does show that the window will come up, it just won’t do anything.

Sigh, this appears to be a regression in Qt 6.5.3. I will report it to them; in the mean time, the Qt5 version of Anki should work correctly.

Thank you. Switching to Qt5 worked.

Issue logged on Loading...

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