After an update, I cannot choose Japanese kanji - just goes blank

I’m learning Japanese so need to select Japanese characters when inputting new words. However, when I input hiragana and try to scroll down to the appropriate kanji character I cannot select it. Instead the input box goes blank. This only started happening after the latest update. I have done all the things the Anki website suggests when you think you have a bug, but nothing was successful. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

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I have the same issue.

After updating anki, when I try to change a word to kanji using the space bar, the kanji either gets stuck on the first option or starts displaying blanks. The only way to change it to another kanji is by clicking on it. I’m using the macOS 12+ (Apple Silicon, 23.12.1 Qt6) version of anki with a MacBook M2 Pro with the Sonoma 14.1.2 OS.

Same here.
I saw a forum post where someone recommended changeing the video driver in the preference pane. But I can’t find a setting to change the driver and wasn’t aware that a settings like this even exists on a Mac.

This was caused by reverting to a previous Qt version due to a different issue. You can work around it for now by switching to the Qt5 version of Anki, and this will likely be fixed in the next Anki update.

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Thank you! Changing to Qt5 worked

Thanks for the advice. But could you explain what Qt is and how you switch it?

Qt is a software toolkit that is used to build Anki.

There are two versions: Qt5 and Qt6.

On the download page for Anki, you have the option to download either the version built with Qt6 or the version built with Qt5.

Usually you’d try Qt6 first, but certain uncommon bugs can be worked around by trying the Qt5 version.

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Thank you again. However, I have a MacBook Air on Apple Silicon and there doesn’t appear to be a Qt5 version for this for download. I looked on the alternative sites too, and there was nothing there either. Am I missing something?

The Intel versions of Anki will run on your machine too, they’re just a bit slower.

Thank you. I’ll do that.

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