Problem inputing Japanese in Mac (Qt6)

Sorry for the duplicated topic. I wasn’t allowed to reopen the topic.
I have the same issue with the topic, “Japanese Predictive Candidates not functioning”.

I read the issue board of qt which was shown in the topic and it was marked as fixed on Jan 9, 2024.

It would be very helpful if you update the Qt6 in the app. :pray:
It worked correctly on Qt5 version, but I’m using M1 Mac, so I need to run Qt5 intel version with Rosetta to solve this problem.

Update should arrive sooner, but still:

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Update Qt to 6.6.2. On macOS, this should fix issues with Japanese input.


Oh, I see. Thanks for the information.
I’ll try using it.

That new beta worked for me!
Thank you very much!

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