Potential deck settings for daily quote system?

Hiya guys :slight_smile: I have a tendency to absolutely forget the content of books so instead of wasting my time and money passively reading books, I have been highlighting key points and ideas and transferring them into Anki as cards at the end of the chapter.

I was just wondering what would be some good deck settings so that every day one card randomly appears from the reservoir of highlights from all the books I’ve read. I imagine it being kind of like a daily quote system but I can’t seem to figure out the best deck settings. I’m not necessarily trying to memorise each card, I just want to be exposed to it. Ideally, it would also be preferable that once cards are shown, they are not selected again until all other cards have been randomly selected. Hope that makes sense and thanks <3

You can use a filtered deck, searching for is:new and using the “Reschedule cards based on my answers” option.



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