Pictures not showing up on answer

HI there pictures don’t show up when I use the Basic (type in the aswer) - 30271 type of card, but it does work when I use the basic type of card. Why is there this problem for my cards and does anyone have any advice? Because sometimes I use a combination of pictures and words in my answer but I like a diagram to go with it and sometimes I want just a picture as my answer because I want to type what I think the answer is. Many thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi Lorna, what is the Basic (type in the aswer) - 30271? Maybe this individual card type doesn’t display the content you are pasting in one of the fields. Could you please post this card template?

HI ferophila, sorry I can’t find that 30271 thing anymore, it is weird bc it changes. It does the same as the “Basic (type in answer)” one. I have posted the screenshot and it is the one that is highlighted. Thank you!

Screenshot 2021-08-26 134108

I’m not sure why they have different letters and numbers for the same type of card as well. The 30271 option one has disappeared for some reason.

I have put an example of what I mean as screenshots here. Thank you!

The field you use for typing in the answer cannot contain any sounds or images, since you can’t type them in. For the image to display, it either needs to be placed in a different field, or you need to use the regular Basic notetype instead.