Can se pictures, but not when I want to type on the cards


I have used Anki a bit now and today I bought the Anki App for my ipad.
I can sync my picutres to my ipad, I can se my flashcards, but when I want to use cards where i type in the awnsers my pictures dissapere.

If I only create a deck that does’t use typing in the answer the problem does’t accure, only when I want to type in the awnser and then se the picture to correct myself.

I have read that i can take time to sync the picutres, but thats not the problem, when i browse the deck, I can see the pictures. Its only when I’m typing into a deck se the picuters that I have attatched. Very frustrating feels like the whole thing should work without problems, at least when you have paid for it.

This problem accures when I use the webb version as well, but I thought it would dissapear when I used the Ipad as when I have googled it mac laptops have less problems then PC ( what I have). But the problem is still there…

Thanks for any suggestion on how to fix this. :slight_smile:

Images are not shown in a typing field ({{type:Field}}), because you can’t type images. To get them to display, you either need to place the images in a different field, or add the {{Field}} to your card template again without the type: prefix. The former is preferable, as the latter will cause the text to display twice.

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