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Yo. I’m the creator of these decks:

Send your corrections and suggestions here for any deck I’ve made (include the title of the deck). I’ll attend to them as soon as possible :slight_smile:


I think a few of the cards from here aren’t showing the audio even though it has [sound] thing in the audio field. I even see the little audio button on the card but when I press it nothing happens when I press it.
cards like: おととい{一昨日}(名)( オトトイ )
and 切手を 買います 。

I’ve checked my copy and it doesn’t seem to have this problem. Can you give me more details like does the sound work for other cards, or when did you download the deck, etc.

Most of the other cards work and I just downloaded the deck today

that seems really weird haha, i’ll try reuploading the deck and see if it fixes it

meanwhile, can you do a media check on your anki? also try opening the .apkg file again (don’t worry, it won’t delete or reset your progress)

Actually I think its working fine now. I had to change the card type for some of them, and I think something happened there. But when I deleted some of these cards and imported it again the audio started working again. Thank you.

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When editing cards on the Tango N5 heavily mod, everything that i type (Not in japanese) appears all sticky together like this example: “Thisisaapple.” In order to fix it i have to press spacebar two times after a word. Is there something that i can modify on the card script to fix this automatically ? Thanks.

With the MIA Japanese add-on, this is necessary since the syntax requires a space between words to distinguish where the pitch accent coloring ends and where another one starts. This was made so that the division between words with different pitch accents doesn’t have spaces between. The only workaround I know is to just copy paste the other kind of space (check the one I have between english words in the card).

i am totally noob here. but please help.
why i cannot see the pitch marking color but instead only ;a or ;h etc?

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Sorry it took a long time to respond haha, had internet problems.

  1. When did you download the deck? (Also if you had previously downloaded it before then just redownloaded)
  2. Have you seen the pitch accent coloring in the card once?
  3. What’s your anki version?

If ever you have already downloaded a previous version of the deck and don’t want to reset your progress by updating, you can contact me on Discord(I can’t copy paste the code here since it applies the code instead of just displaying it) Perditio#5484

  1. just recently. i know about MIA from 3-4 days ago and i start looking for a jlpt tango deck and found your.
  2. anki versio, 2.1.22
  3. not even once i see pitch color. it is like that from beginning, only shows the letter code like ;h or ;a

your deck should be ready to use without doing anything using MIA addon right? i have the addons but still dont quite understand how to use so i prefer find a ready to use deck

Hey Perditio, I just started this amazing deck 2 days ago and it worked just fine, but today when I started my reps, the hovering feature of the MIA Japanese addon just didn’t work, instead the cards look like this: “私[わたし;h] は アン[;a] です”. The addon settings say the hovering and colors options are on but in the deck doesn’t work, and in another deck I created using the addon it worked just as intended. I already deleted the deck and reinstalled it, but nothing changed. please help I really want to use this deck, also I added you on discord (juandgp)

When using a premade deck made with mia japanese, I’d go with just using an anki profile without the mia japanese add-on enabled (I’m doing this since I have two versions of the syntax and MIA Japanese auto rewrites the syntax everytime in one style).

Do this until you can use mia japanese yourself to generate the syntax.

Ok i will try again!

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discord server link:

Hi, I was just wondering how much new words are there in the 10000 deck

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10k Japanese is a great pack. I’m a little confused though. With the difference in furigana to audio, should we manually edit this and if so, what happens with the pitch accent information?

You are a God I’m unemployed because of covid but you are helping me get through . I love the tango decks. I’m working through n4 and n5. Bunpro off a PC is awesome and not too big. You should like it. If you could do something with that it would be fantastic. Thanks so much.

First of all thank you so much for creating the decks it has been a lifesaver .I wanted to know your colour code system like for which level did you assign certain colours

Thanks for the decks, I just started the N4 one and it’s really weird:

  • 今度 (cards 10 and 11) is the vocab and translated as “this time” and “next time”.
  • Cards 5 and 6:
    この頃 recently, these days (used to describe situations, not actions)
    最近 recently (used to describe not only actions, but also situations)
    Doesn’t it sound frustrating?
  • 将来, いつか (cards 12, 13) already were as vocab in N5 deck.
  • 一昨日 (card 27) was a vocab card in N5, why again making sentence card for that vocab?
  • Cards 46-51, wives/husbands/parents, were all in N5 deck.