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  • yes 今度 means both
  • :man_shrugging: it makes sense as long as you keep on immersing. You’ll learn the deeper nuances from immersion and it’s not worth to try to “study” it
  • For those that were already in the N5 deck, just delete or suspend it. The deck is based on an existing book and I didn’t add more than what wasn’t in the book. I probably should’ve deleted them but those probably slipped past me. Anyways, going around the problem isn’t hard anyways.

Also, I’m much more active in discord than here so here’s the link:

Sounds good, thanks.
Yeah suspending duplicates is not a problem, but it’s sometimes I don’t remember if I had a card for the word or not and have to look it up, anyway weird for the book then to have duplicates.
I’ll be there then!

Any info on my previous comment? Would love to know if I’m on the right track.

For the “JLPT Tango N5 MIA Omega Deck”

The translation is “I will take a boat to Yokohama.”

Shouldn’t the translation should be
“Get on a boat at/in Yokohama.”

Thank you.

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Hello, first of all, thank you for the great decks! They’re an amazing addition to my studies.

I did notice for the JLPT Tango N4 MIA Omega Deck, the sentence:

Should be changed to :

Reposting this comment since I didn’t include the deck. It was for N4 Omega
Hello! Thanks so much for making these decks and having them available :slight_smile:
I’ve noticed a mistake or two in a couple of places. For example, 明日 I believe, is 尾高, 昨日 is 中高 N2, and 通る とおる is 頭高。I double checked these with my mac Japanese - Japanese dictionary. These are the only ones that I can recall at the moment, but for the most part, everything looks good. again, your efforts have been an immense help!

Also! I was hoping someone would help me figure out how to incorporate the pitch accent colors into the N3 Alpha Deck. I’m aware it’s using the Migaku add-on, but I can’t make heads or tails of the Migaku website’s instructions. If I could, I’d just change the note type to the other Omega decks but that doesn’t work because the Sort field would contain duplicates. Can anyone help me out here? Highly appreciate it~

Hi, Downloaded the “JLPT Tango N5 MIA Japanese” thanks to a tutorial by Alivia’s Japanese Nook. While going along with the tutorial I noticed some of the audio files are incorrect. For instance the 1st card (I am Anne) has 2 audio files. The 1st says, “I”, but the 2nd says, “My father turns 50 this year.” not “I am Anne”. The audio info in the Audio box was the same as the tutorial video’s. The audio on the 2nd card was also incorrect. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Weird, have you perhaps downloaded a previous version of the deck before then reimported the newer one? If so, then I’d say:

  1. Delete the current deck.
  2. Click on “Check media…” on the Tools found at the upper menu bar.
  3. Re-import the newest version of the deck.

Tell me if that works or not. Also, I am much much more active in the discord server I’m in:

Hey I’m new to Anki so I’m a huge noob. I keep getting the message:
Front template has a problem:
Found ‘⁨{{#}}⁩’, but there is no field called '⁨⁩’
I know they address it on the official FAQ page but when I do what’s prompted it doesn’t help. Do you know what to do? Thank you