Trouble Syncing Audio For One Card

I am working on a Thai-English flash card deck. I have two versions of the deck: one with Thai audio and one with English audio. For one of my cards that is supposed to have the Thai audio, I keep getting the English audio instead when I share my deck and download it. I have checked multiple times that I matched the correct audio with the card and on my own account the audio is correct, however once I share and download the deck I get the English audio instead of the Thai. This seems to be the only card that the audio won’t match up, all the other cards are good. I have also tried syncing my computer account with the ankiweb account and then sharing the deck, but nothing seems to work. Is there something I can do to match up the correct audio with the card, or is this just a glitch that can’t be fixed?

Did you test by importing into a new profile? If so, which card are you having trouble with?