Percentage Heatmap doesn't show my previous results and shows No data?


I installed Percentage Heatmap on 2.1.35 on Windows, but the weird thing is the add-on, doesn’t show my past progress and all rectangles are black (No data!), while I did my past flashcards on their days, another thing is, it shows my progress on 28th and 29th Feb in green, while next days are black without data! It shows my progress for today, but I need to show me all the progress for previous months that I passed. Why it happened and how to fix this? Reinstall didn’t work.


Please note that for those who do your reviews on AnkiDroid, AnkiMobile or AnkiWeb, you will need to sync your reviews before the next day on your AnkiDesktop that this addon is installed on. The addon has to log the percentages, so even if you do all your reviews on mobile phones, the addon will not know unless you sync your ankiDesktop the same day.

I believe the add-on has to log the percentage of done cards each day and can not do this retroactively. Maybe you can edit the data it stored, but otherwise, you are out of luck.

I use Anki for months (as you see in the calendar), but I use the add-on for just a few days. Does this mean, the add-on can’t understand previous months and their records? so why it records and shows 28th and 29th Feb (see the screenshot) and after that no data available! until these recent three days! I use Anki on Windows and Android, whenever I pass my daily flashcards, I sync manually and on Windows, it does automatically when I close the software. I didn’t change or edit any data.

Yes, that means that. I can not tell you why there is data for those days in February. But it is a fact that the add-on is written in a way which requires you to open up Anki (with the add-on) everyday after doing your reps to log your percentage.

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