Percentage Heatmap add-on doesn't understand passed cards from Android?


I passed my cards on the Android version, so I expect the “Percentage Heatmap” add-on that installed on the desktop version, records the days/date of all my progress that I do on PC or phone versions of Anki, but it doesn’t and seems this add-on just records passed cards that review from the desktop version. is it right?

I know the add-on is for the desktop version, but why it didn’t record my past progress in the last days and shows “No data” for those days, while I checked on Android’s version of Anki? If it understands and just works with the desktop version, it fails and doesn’t seem smart enough.

Today, most people work and learning on phones and tablets than desktops, and I always can’t learn and check my decks on my desktop, so that I like to review my decks and then sync.

The cells I marked by red crosses, (below screenshot) the days are I finished my cards and decks on the phone, not from my PC, but “Percentage Heatmap” add-on doesn’t record those days and paints with black color (no data). it’s like I didn’t do my cards!

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: