How to change color of cells results for Percentage Heatmap add-on from Green to another color?


The default color for showing the results and progress for Percentage Heatmap is green with different shades. “No data” is set to a black color and. Is it possible to change the default color for it? I prefer Blue color and its shades or different colors.


You’ll have to directly edit the source code.

Click view files, open web/main.js in a text editor, and search for ‘var colors’ and you can find the hex colors.

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Great, Thank You, it worked! But the disappointing thing about this add-on is, not work for the 2021 year, and its calendar just shows 2020 progress!

Updated the addon- now you can change the year and the color options.

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Before updating, in the add-on page, someone told me how to change the year in the javascript file to fix the date of the 2021 calendar and it worked, I thought the new update include 2020 and 2021. I updated it, but nothing saw like the feature to include both years and more next years. I delete and reinstall and all past data in 2020 and these past days of 2021 lost!

This add-on has a big problem and I told it in another post. Glutanimate, creator of add-on told; this add-on just works when you install and can’t import your past data and progress. Another big problem is when I check out my cards on the phone (Ankidroid) and synced on the phone, it should have read the data from the server and cloud space of Anki’s server, but it can’t and if you open and see Anki on your computer, you can see no data recorded on its calendar. it’s like you didn’t any cards in the past days, unless you back to your computer, open Anki and click the sync button and close it!

While the other Glutanimate’s add-on Review Heatmap works well and doesn’t have these bugs and issues and I prefer it to Percentage Heatmap and I maybe I’m going to delete it!

If you haven’t, I do recommend using Glutanimate’s Review Heatmap before using Percentage Heatmap - It’s a very well made and maintained addon.
This addon only addresses a very niche area where one wants percentages instead of definite values. (Which Anki doesn’t record in its database unlike review count)

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