More heatmap customization options

Would love to see more customizability for the heat map in ankimobile like the ability change its colour, separate into months and also be able to set the starting date etc.

Also how feasible would it be to allow the option to add a custom wallpaper within the app?
Thanks, keep up the great work.

You can already change color and separate into months with the heatmap addon. Click the little button on the top right of it (not the heart) or tools-> heatmap

Also this addon works to customize the background: Custom Background Image and Gear Icon - AnkiWeb

The original poster was asking about AnkiMobile I believe. I’ll keep an eye on demand for such features, but I’m afraid at the moment the focus is on architectural improvements, that will make it easier to add features moving forward.

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No worries, that’s great. Looking forward to the many updates to come.