AnkiMobile addons


Been using anki ever since I got into medical school and it did not disappoint me.

However, I i’ve been using Anki mobile for the past couple of months because phones and ipads are easier to carry.

Is there a possibility that you would include in the app add ons like

  • background
  • heatmap
  • amboss

Would really appreciate your reply. Thanks!

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You can see a calendar heatmap in the stats screen, and I believe Amboss have worked to make their functionality available on iOS by customizing card templates. Not sure if that’s still in beta; if you reach out to them they should be able to tell you more. It’s not possible to customize the background of the deck list, but you can adjust the background during review by modifying your card templates: How to Change Anki Cards Background · Shorouk's Blog

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