AnkiMobile widget

Perhaps it would be possible to create AnkiMobile widget that would display preview of front on the left and back on the right side?

And it would just display cards randomly from a chosen deck.

I’m thinking that would be helpful


Thank you for the suggestion, I will keep an eye on demand for this.

When it comes to widgets for Anki Mobile, I would prefer the ability to quickly add notes in certain configurations (note type + deck) or directly access saved searches (notes added today …) The highly flexible grid widgets from Drafts (Widgets | Drafts User Guide) come to mind.

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And another suggestion provided by some other users was due counts and/or a review heatmap.


I would appreciate an iOS widget showing due counts and my streak. A heatmap would also be nice. Albeit not an absolutely necessary feature, but a nice QOL addition.

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Having widget displaying some random cards that would just be changing once in a while would help to learn something subconsciously, especially on these days you don’t feel like doing reviews :joy: