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Adding a widget for the iOS app

Hey, your app is great but sometimes I find it hard to practice daily.

The recent iOS release (14.0) shipped with widgets support on the Home Screen, and I wish that Anki will implement such a widget.

I’m thinking about displaying a card from a pre-selected deck, and it can be flipped from within the Lock Screen (without even entering the app).
This way the user can review cards “on the go”. But maybe someone here would come up with a better concept.

I will be glad to hear what do you think, and let me know if I can help in any way,
Thanks in advance!

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Thank you for the suggestion, I will keep an eye on demand for such a feature.

I believe this is not technically possible because the iOS 14 widgets don’t allow interaction. When you tap on a widget, it always has to launch the corresponding app.

I pondered the possibility of Anki widgets too, and the only use case I consider remotely useful is to have widgets displaying the statistic graph of a data point of choice. But even then, IMHO it’s not useful enough to justify the required effort to develop them.

I could see a useful widget showing the number of cards due or something related to card stats, then have buttons or regions to tap to either go to a specific deck and also a way to jump to adding a card.

Widgets from Drafts illustrate this.

Ohh, I agree those ideas could be very handy for users who use AnkiMobile heavily.

PS. For those unfamiliar with Drafts, here’s an example widget:

I made this account specifically for the widget function.
I recently started using the application "Readwise: and their widget function is AWESOME.
I never thought about a widget for anki until I saw that widget.
it shows my highlighted quotes regularly. and it feels sooooo good.
if anki can show a question from the due cards every hour or so, that would be super awesome

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Hello, registered only to second this. It would be very useful to have available Anki widgets on iOS at least for showing daily statistics.