How do I change the “new cards per day” for a deck on AnkiMobile?

I’m embarrassed to ask this question — I’m a long-time Anki user/promoter, but I’ve taken a couple-year break, and am back to restart my memory-building!

In the meantime, AnkiMobile has changed, and I’m struggling to figure out how to do this one basic thing:

I have a deck, and right now it’s defaulting to showing me 0 of the new cards I’ve been putting in. I’d like to change that (say, set it to 10).

I’ve been futzing around, but can’t figure it out!

Could someone help me?

Much thanks.

not an AnkiMobile user, but this might help you.


Hoy — I never would have found that! THANK YOU!

  • brandon

no problem :smiley: