Changing amount daily new cards

Hi there,

when I change in the settings the amount of cards I want to learn, it changes the amount for all decks. I want to learn for example 1 card/day from deck A and 10 cards/day from deck B. I’m using Anki on my android phone.

Can someone help me out?

best wishes

Please read Anki Manual - Deck option groups.

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Unfortunately, I have not found an answer there as the decks are not connected.
thank you very much for the help

I’m not sure what you mean by connected.

Did you try creating separate option groups for Deck A and B?
By default, subdecks inherit the options group of their parent deck, but you can give any deck their own options group.

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Oh, now I got it. All of the decks were in the same group. so when I changed something for one deck, it applied for all of them. I changed it, thank you so much!