Parent/Sub Decks option group/settings

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Was wondering how does the option group/setting of a Parent vs a Sub deck work?

How does the settings of the parent deck affect the sub deck?

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By default, subdecks inherit the options group of their parent deck, so it will have the exact same settings.

However, you can give any deck their own options group.

For example, I have a “Medicine” options group set for all decks that feature medical content, since these are usually similar in learning difficulty.

For languages, geographic content etc. I would use an options group with “faster” learning steps, ease and so on, because these types of knowledge are easier to aquire.

For more detailed information, please check out the section on deck options of the official manual.


Anki takes two options from a sub-deck

  • Daily Limits of New and Review cards

Parent’s Daily Limits are to be set to 999 so that the Parent would not be able to stop the review process.

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