New Cards affected by Parent Limit

Hi all,

I’ve set up a new options group for a deck with the new cards/day limit set to 9999.
Reviews> Maximum reviews/day are also set to 9999.

My default options group - the new cards is set to 20 per day.

The default options limit appears to be applying against my newly created limit. I can’t get more than 20 cards to appear.

I thought my new options group would bypass the default option group and I’d be shown more new cards each day?


you have to change deck options for each deck individually. changing deck options for parent deck, doesn’t change deck options for subdecks automatically.
also parent deck review/new card limit also applies to the children decks too (if your parent limit is is parent deck limit is 20 card limit for one of the subdecks is 9999, you can’t review more than 20 for the subdeck too)

  • if you edit an options group, it’ll affect all decks using that options group.

Thanks…penny dropped moment.

I had the decks set to 9999 under a parent deck. I’d not changed this parent deck new card option. Moved my sub decks to their “own new parent”/level. Now all my cards appear.