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I’ve started using anki a few months ago and I created my own cards and folders (including subfolders). I have several folders with subfolders. I would like to learn 30 new cards per day in every subfolder (I already changed the limit of new cards per day from 20 to 30 cards in the options). When I start Anki I can see that in every subfolder there are 30 new cards available to learn. Then I start to learn one subfolder. But when I’ve learned this subfolder I’ve no new cards left in the other subfolders. So in the other subfolders I can only repeat the cards that I’ve already learn but I would like to learn 30 new cards in those subfolders aswell. Has anyone an idea what I can do or what I make wrong?

If anyone could help me, I would be very thankful!

I guess new card limit for the parent deck (the deck that contains all of your subdecks) is set to 30.
change new card limit in the deck options for the parent deck to something like 999.


Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, that doesn’t solve my problem. It still doesn’t work properly.

hmmm, but I’m pretty sure that has to be the problem.

you have probably checked this but it doesn’t hurt to double check -_-
the parent deck options group should be different from subdecks options group, so you can set a different new card limit.
cuz when you’re setting a new card limit, you’re not setting it for a particular deck but for the options group.
so if you change new card limit for a deck with options group "x" the changes would affect all the decks that use options group "x"


I’m not pretty sure if I understood you question

would you like learn 30 cards in each subfolder a day or 30 new cards in all study throw all subfolders a day?

if you want to 30 new cards in all study throw all subfolders, you can use the add on “HoochiePapa” for anki versio 2.1.23~, link: (Legacy) HoochiePapa: Randomize New Queue - AnkiWeb

if you want to learn 30 cards in each subfolder, you must limite option of subfolder to 30 new cards and parent deck limite will vary. you must multiply the number of subfolder to 30, the result must be the number of new cards of parent folder

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Thank you both for your answers! I made different options for the subdecks and parentdecks. And I think it works now.