Are add-ons still unavailable on iPad (AnkiMobile)?

Hi everyone! Through my little search on the forum it appears that add-ons are not available on iPad’s AnkiMobile, is that still the case today? And are we expecting a change in the near future perhaps? If not, then does installing an add-on through the PC version allow the add-on to be visible on the iPad?

I’m looking to install the following add-ons as I heard they’re essential. But I’d LOVE to hear what your absolute go-to’s are too! (I’m totally new to all this haha)

  • Special Fields
  • Custom Sidebar
  • Image Occlusion
  • Review Heatmap
  • True Retention
  • Hierarchical Tags

Add-ons are only available for the desktop app, but they can have effects on your collection - which will also show on mobile when you sync.

These are the add-ons with effects on mobile:

  • Special Fields
  • Image Occlusion Enhanced

These add-ons just show extended stats on the desktop app and do not have any effects on your collection:

  • Review Heatmap
  • True Retention

The following add-ons are obsolete, as recent Anki versions have a native implementation of each of their features:

  • Customize Sidebar
  • Hierarchical Tags

I’d love to know where you got that list of add-ons from. Were they recommended in a YouTube tutorial?

Add-ons, even really good ones like Image Occlusion, aren’t essential by nature. It really depends on the type of work you want to do with Anki. I recommend you try out the vanilla Anki experience and only install add-ons when you feel the need for them - small things like Review Heatmap can’t do any harm though.


Thank you very much for the swift and conclusive response I really appreciate it! I guess I’ll give the first 4 add-ons you mentioned a try then!

As per your question, that was exactly it. I have been trying to accumulate as much information on how to optimize the already excellent Anki experience before I plunge deep, only to realize it’s too late to change that one detail later on. I guess it’s a “better safe than sorry” mentality, but you are right it could end up doing more harm than good. The add-ons I learned of through a Zach Highley’s YouTube video posted roughly 2 years ago; perhaps explaining why some information is outdated now.

I will try and get a feel for what I really need and don’t as you kindly suggested. And I’d love to learn more through your experience on what is important to keep an eye out for.

Not to go on a tangent here, but another thing I’m trying to “optimize” are the steps (in minutes) of new cards following Anking or Zach’s directives. But that’s a topic for another discussion haha.

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