Add-ons for AnkiMobile

I’ve heard that Add-ons aren’t available for AnkiMobile. Is there some kind of funky workaround for this?

Flashcard Adder for Anki” is a free extension app that can be used with AnkiMobile, but does not work well on my iphone… :confused:

Using Shortcuts for IOS, you can automate some tasks. When you open Anki, you can use URL schemes to auto-sync or show notifications. But IOS shortcuts are a bit more difficult to create. (and auto-sync is not convenient because it runs every time you switch apps. It’s disturbing when creating cards.)

I think some add-on features are already built-in to the default AnkiMobile. There are many features that are only available in AnkiMobile, so you may want to look for them in the settings.

AnkiMobile is built on different technologies to the computer version, and Apple do not allow unreviewed third-party code, so features need to be implemented directly in the app, and not in add-ons. If you are missing some feature, please post a feature request and we can keep an eye on demand for it.

You said that Apple doesn’t allow 3rd party codes. Then how the Obsidian mobile app support almost all the extensions.

Sorry, I could have been clearer. Apple make an exception for JavaScript code (the scripting language used by webpages), and Obsidian add-ons appear to be written with JavaScript. While parts of AnkiMobile are also implemented in JavaScript, the bulk of the program logic and UI is in Swift and Rust, and not easily exposed to JavaScript. Some sort of JS-based add-on system may come in the future, but it would be limited in scope compared to what the computer add-ons can do, since they can effectively rewrite parts of Anki at runtime due to it being written in Python.


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