Addons in the iOS app a possible solution

So I’ve been using marginnote a mindmapping app and thought Anki mobile could benefit from this longtime requeasted feature

It had the ability to add addons.

Developers can create JavaScript addons and they work fine in the app and can be turned on and off
I think. It would be worthwhile to either look at how they’ve done it or connect to their team to collaborate and come up with a similar feature

Considering how expensive the iOS app is it is only natural to request AT LEAST the features that desktop users have. After all why make people pay for it then.
I hope the Anki team can do better with their updates especially seeing how the majorly of their users implement it in their daily workflow and require the mobility.

It may happen one day, but it is a significant amount of work to get right, and it still relies on add-ons being created after that. It is faster to add popular functionality directly, and that is gradually being done.