How to install Addons on Ipad?

I have just a short question.
I really tried my best to find the answer but I resign.
Could someone please tell me how to install Addons on Ipad?
I downloaded the Anki App too, but I can‘t find out how to install them.
Thanks a lot for help.

first off, AnkiApp isn’t a part of Anki ecosystem.
and second, add-ons are exclusive to Anki desktop. you currently can’t install add-ons on Anki Mobile or Ankidroid.


Oh thank you.
So I can‘t install them on the Anki web side either?
The problem is, that I have just an Ipad.
Does that mean that I am not able to use addons? :frowning:

yep, unfortunately add-ons are desktop exclusive :frowning:

Oh no :((
Thanks a lot for the answers!

HEY HELLO if ur still wandering if u get Anki on laptop and add the add on then sync it up with ur iPad it will appear there